Death of a Giant

Up past Gelli Unig farm, in Pontywaun, to the quarry above Coed Mamgu is an ancient beautiful Beech tree – it’s on my regular morning dog walk. I’ve lost count of how many photos I’ve stopped to take of my dogs sat under that tree. So I was very sad to discover that the biggest part of the tree has come down in the recent bad weather.

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Rubbish Meadows

Usual morning walk down on to the Pontywaun Meadows and discovered all round the route of the walk that someone has placed orderly piles of beer cans at various intervals.

They are all in the middle of the path – mostly whole (not crushed) – in twos and threes but a few piles of 6 or more. I started taking photos of each occurrence but the battery went on my phone – there were at least another 7/8 piles – and a few more on the canal towpath.

Beginning to wonder if this is someone’s idea of an art installation – making some comment on today’s society putting cheap drink in the path of youngsters of today. Or is it just some gits on a piss up?

Needless to say I didn’t have a rubbish bag with me otherwise I would have picked them up.

Family Pre-Christmas Do

Pre-Christmas family get-together at the Cunningman, Burghfield near Reading.

Organised by Ange and Stuart – the pub is conveniently close to the M4 and easy for us all to get to – and it’s alongside the Kennet and Avon canal so we had a great location for a dog walk before all tyhe festivities began.

All the kids were well behaved and a fab time was had by all.

Happy christmas – love you all…

Frosty Meadows

It was a frosty morning down in Pontywaun Meadows this morning – making the frost tinged ferns and cow parsley with the bright morning sun behind it sparkle like diamonds – or at least Swarowski crystals – it was very nice but totally lost on the dogs who just wanted to dig up moles – phillistines.

Barry Island – Indian Summer

Had a bit of a hectic past few weeks – particularly last weekend – so decided we needed a day out.

Day trip to Barry Island with the dogs – great day for October

Weather forecast looked promising so we struck off to Barry Island with the dogs – made a flask of tea and bought some sandwiches on the way.

The weather turned out calmer and sunnier than expected – hundreds of people there with the same idea as us. We headed off straight down the beach – the tide was miles out – and at the waters edge was the usual thick Barry ooze – although it was cleaner ooze than when we were kids – the dogs didn’t seem to mind though.

Great day out…

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Cefn Mably Farm Park

Cefn Mably Farm Park – day out with the grandkids

Day out with Gwyn and the Granddaughters at Cefn Mably Farm Park.

Bit cold when we had our picnic but the girls soon warmed up in the soft play area inside – and a nice cuppa tea for the grown ups…

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Barry Island

Dull and overcast day but dry enough for a nice dog walk even though they were still knackered after yesterday’s long Tump walk. So after much thought decided to chuck them in the car and head for Barry.

When we got there, surprisingly the sun came out and so we joined the hundreds of people walking the beach – and I think everyone had a dog.

Ours had a great time as usual chasing and retrieving the ball from the waves – no trouble at all with all the other dogs we met.

Met a group of Tibetan Terriers – none of whom would go in the water – Carol and Malc please note.

Back at the car we had our fruit cake and coffee as we watched a wonderful sunset.